History of Jangam Math
May 05 2015

History of Jangam Math

Historical background of Rawal Math in Nepal
There is no written evidence that when and how Veerashaiva Dharma darshan started in Nepal. The king of Lichhivi dynasty ruled region from 4th to 12th century in Nepal. In 9th century, the king Narendra Dev of Lichhivi dynasty has described the Jangam Pratishthan, which is available in stone inscription in Anantlingeshwor temple, in which he has addressed the name of the Chancellor of Jangam Pratisthan and explained rights and duties performed by the Pratisthan. With this evidence we can say that Jangam community was present in Nepal before 9th Century.
The king of Karnatvansh Shri Nanya Dev became ruler of Mithila state (Northern Bihar) by expanding his dynasty in 11th Century. During the period Veerashaiva Jangam were the Rajaguru of the King Nanya Dev.  After ruling the Mithila dynasty for 240 years King Harisingh Dev Mall became the king of Nepal Mandal and established the capital at Bhaktapur City. Devi Tula Bhavani was the deity they worshiped and they started spreading the religion of veerashaivism in the region.  When Malla Vansh (dynasty) was established in Nepal Mandal Veerashaiva religion had started. The veerashaiva philosophy was being popularized by the disciples. It establishes that veerashaiva religion had its roots since 9th century.
Establishment of Pashupatinath  
In 14th century Sultan Samsuddin Mohamad reached Nepal, destructing many Hindu temples in India. He destroyed the Pashupatinath Linga too. At that time Sripathi Aradhya Sharma was Rajguru of King of Nepal, who was a Veerashaiva Jangam. In 1360 the present pashupatinathi temple was re-established. It is the Veerashiav jangam who established the present Pashupatinath Linga. The procedure of worshiping and other traditions are established according to Veerashiava religion.
Bhaktapur Jangam Math  
There is a Jangam math in Bhaktapur. There is a stone inscription belonging to Nepali Year 692 (Year 1572), which explains the role of Hari Singh Dev Mall of mallavansa, who renovated the Jangam math in Bhaktapur. With this, we can say that Veerashiava Religion was established in Nepal in 13th century. There are many Stone writings and Tamrapatra available in jangam math. 

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